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Rihanna launches her own Fashion line – Fenty Beauty


Rihanna is a persona larger than life. The Pop Goddess has always been the supporter of Women with color. She herself carries her brown color with flair. And her brand new beauty line, named ‘Fenty Beauty’ is an added feather to her crown.

Yes, Rihanna’s long time rumoured fashion product line has been launched! And it’s much more nice than it was expected to be. She has become the major mogul to bring out 40, yes 40 shades of foundation for girls of every skin tone.

At its debut, the line offers a whopping 91 items, including 40 shades of foundation, 30 magnetized concealing, contouring, and highlighting sticks, and a single stunning lip gloss.

Fenty Beauty also brings us a vast range of tools along with the products. Rihanna didn’t want to just make pretty packaging and tons of money. By offering nine different tools from the get go, Rihanna is putting the power of beauty into the hands of her fans.

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity launch makeup without only her own preferences or skin tone and type in mind. And this will be a great step ahead to make the girls look stylish with a perfect mix of swag and attitude.


Rihanna is doing something even more radical than embracing underserved shoppers. She’s gone above and beyond the beauty industry norm with a truly inclusive line as evenly spread across the color spectrum Fenty Beauty is the future of diverse and inclusive makeup. And as tiring as those two words have become this year, as a beauty editor and a woman of color I like the sound of that. And the kind of Badass that Rihanna is, the names of the product are also all-savage.

Killawatt Freestyle for the highlighter, Gloss Bomb for the lip luminizer, and Match Stix for the contouring sticks. The highlighters and foundations are $34, the lip gloss $18, and a trio of contour sticks rings in at $54.

Being a women of color myself, I am proud of Rihanna’s big new step and welcome it with all my heart. It’s time for the brown, black and darker skin tone girls to come out of the cage of outdated fake mentalities of people, stop getting yourself harassed because of your natural skin, and unleash the Goddess within you!

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