Riteish Deshmukh’s Hilarious Photo-Shopped Posters of Bank Chor

Riteish Deshmukh is known to be a funny man and people have loved him for that. Be it a fancy award show hosting or a movie, he has always managed to uses his subtle sense of humor to crack the audience up. The funny man is gearing up to take his fans on a roller-coaster of laughter through his upcoming movie ‘Bank Chor’. The film is a comedy thriller starring other actors like Vivek Oberoi, the legendary Prakash Raj and Rhea Chakraborty alongside Riteish.

No, we are not here to tell about the star cast and the movie genre. Rather we want to tell you about all the hustle the movie producers and Riteish are creating.

Recently, Riteish Deshmukh and Y Films posted some insanely creative photo-shopped posters of their movie on their Twitter account. As soon as these were released, a riot of laughter and a wave of appreciation took over the net.

Check it out for yourself!

  • Yo, SRK! Any Comments?

After this pic was posted, SRK did have this to say, “I also couldn’t afford the suit for part2…Dekhna bhai if u get a chance during ur robberies get me one too!!” 

  • This Caption Nailed It!

Ritesh sure knows how to take a jab at himself!

  • Why So Serious?

  • Not ‘LA LA Land’!

Looks like they were in no mood for sparing anyone!

  • A Man of His Words

  • A Movie That Will Make You Go ‘ AATA MAJHI SATAKLI’

  • Wait is that Baba OM?!

  • Say What?


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