Robert Kelly and His Wife Release a Clarification Video for the Hilarious Turn of Events during His Interview at the BBC

Amongst the many hilarious incidents that happen during interviews, this new incident has been making people burst into laughter. This incident happened when a professor was in the middle of his live interview on the BBC channel and suddenly his children gatecrashed the interview.

This was absolutely a surprise for the father who was being interviewed, the interviewer, and all the viewers. This incident has been hilarious and people all across the world are absolutely going gaga over this. People have been sharing this video with all their friends and on social media. Thus, it has become viral and is reaching across the largest distances all around the world.

The interviewer spotted the professor’s child first when he walked into the room and started talking to his father. The professor then tried to send the boy away and just then the second child walks in. Then a lady is seen entering the room and then takes both the kids outside. Then the interview continues normally. Many of the media channels assumed the lady to be a nanny of the two children; however, she is actually the professor’s wife.

Both the professor Robert Kelly as well as his wife Jung-a Kim made a video to clarify the situation and tell the viewers what had happened. It was in this video that Robert Kelly informed that Kim is the mother of the two children and not the nanny as assumed by many.

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