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From Rs 5000 to 5 Crore A Year: The Story Of A College Dropout And Hacker

Success comes with the zeal and enthusiasm accompanied with passion. Above all, there could be nothing more exciting and satisfying than earning in the very field you have lived or living for. School dropouts and college dropouts making a mark in respective fields, be it Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc. Here we come across an Indian whose story has more twist and turn that could set a precedent for many computer geeks. Shashank Chourey is from Indore who fell in love with a computer like many of the young college going teens. His parents aspired him to become an engineer which again is a common phenomenon witnessed across the country. He got so much addicted to a computer while playing games that he got himself into the field of hacking and coding and made similar friends online. He soon found a job that paid him $50 to hack an email account. As per the website YourStory, Shashank continued this in the first year of his engineering. He hacked into more than 40 Indian government websites and more than 100 big corporate websites which included NTPC tenders, the Delhi Government official site, and many such others. Additionally, he tracked viruses and vulnerabilities, wrote algorithms and worked as a cyber security expert with Indore Police. He was also active as an Internet Security Expert on the IRC(Internet relay Chat) network which is an anonymous network where the identity of the person with whom one chats is not clear.

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