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A Russian Opposition Leader Revealed Putin’s “Holiday Mansion”

Putin’s “Holiday Mansion”

A Russian Opposition Leader Revealed Putin’s “Holiday Mansion”

Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader has published an aerial footage of a hidden island mansion of Vladimir Putin near Finnish border used as a holiday retreat. The mansion is named as “Villa Segren” which is located on 50-acre site on and around Lodochny island in the Gulf of Finland. Earlier, it was used as the backdrop for a Soviet TV adaptation of Sherlock Holmes filmed in the 1980s.

The Drone footage of the site shows several large new houses, including a newly extended villa, a pier and a helipad. Navalny said, the site was heavily guarded and the locals were barred from the area.

Putin’s “Holiday Mansion”

Navalny said, “All the evidence clearly points towards one of Vladimir Putin’s standard corruption schemes. His personal assets are registered under the names of his close friends who have become fabulously wealthy over the last 17 years,” which had been watched almost 2 million times on Thursday, in less than 24 hours after the video was uploaded to YouTube.

Have a look at the video:

According to Navalny, the property was built on is rented from Sergei Rudnov, a businessman. Rudnov is the son Putin’s friend. Dozhd reported, “The president has vacationed there at least once”.

Navalny’s anti-corruption investigations have targeted a group of high-profile Russian officials. The issue turned into a rallying cry at two resulting across the country protests composed by Navalny that were attended by a huge number of people. He was condemned to 30 days in jail after calling for supporters to go to an unsanctioned rally.

At that time, Medvedev’s spokesperson said, “pointless to comment on propaganda attacks from an opposition figure and a convict”. There has been no official response to Navalny’s latest claims. Villa Selgren is not the first country mansion which is linked to Putin. Another palace is also there which is built near the Black Sea for the personal use of putin.

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