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Accidental Publish of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Gives away Every Hardware Information

Sometimes small mistakes in the internet world gives a hot topic to people. This is what exactly happened with Samsung recently. This multinational conglomerate has accidentally leaked the information about its upcoming smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, that too in their own website! Well, people are also taking it as a pre-planned ‘Stunt’ for the promotion of the product.

This has happened at a time when the launch date is coming nearer. Although the company removed the post shortly after its publish, but the post gave many informations about the smartphone’s hardware. And it’s a good news, the smartphone is going to be Massive!


Out of the biggest hardware changes, the most noticeable point is about the smartphone’s display. The company is introducing huge infinity display with new 18.5:9 aspect ratio. The internal storage has also been increased to 64 GB with microSD.

The smartphone will have dual camera. The rear fingerprint sensor and locked Bixby button can frustrate you at times. The smartphone will also have stylus.


Talking about the size of this smartphone, well, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to be bigger. Even bigger than the Galaxy S8 Plus.No doubt the ‘Price Tag’ is also going to be bigger. Looks like the company wants to market its core message “Do Bigger Things” to a completely new level.

Samsung- Galaxy-note-8-hardware

So these much information makes it easier for the customers whether to choose this smartphone or not. However, the information leakage from Samsung has left a very little hope of any more surprises for people. However, not to deny if the company surprises with the software changes!

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