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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

After testing the smartphone from San Francisco to LA, without any doubt I can confidently say that, the Galaxy Note 8 is the most feature-packed smartphone. But many questions arise in mind about this smartphone. Is the battery safe? Does it offer enough over the cheaper Galaxy S8? Finally we have all the answers. Samsung has reduced the Note 8’s battery size to avoid repeating fatal battery mistakes.

The best phone you could find is the Galaxy Note 8. One bright point in the smartphone is the presence of dual camera setup on the Note 8’s back. Samsung’s first twin-lens phone can create pretty depth-effect that finally catch it up to the hottest trend in phones. Along with this, there’s also Note 8’s vibrant 6.3-inch OLED screen and a tall, slim design which looks attractive.

It is water resistant, expandable storage and wireless charging. The fun thing about this smartphone is, you can create animated GIFs. the S Pen stylus has some real efficiencies which you can’t find in any other phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

People who say me using the Note 8 to write down something on the lock screen, create cute animated GIFs of our photos, and take depth-effect portrait of wedding guests was immediately impressed. One friend said, “Take our picture with the good camera. That pen looks so useful”. Another friend said, “I think I want that instead of the iPhone”.

If you have never owned a Note but truly make the S Pen as a part of your daily life, you won’t find any other phone that goes as far. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the perfect option for those who want to do everything they can on an Android phone. Check out the pricing and the in-depth look at the Galaxy Note 8 key features.

Galaxy Note 8 Price:

Preorders started from 24th August and the phone goes on sale on 15th Sept. in the US, UK, South Korea and other selected countries. It will come to the market globally through October. All US buyers who preorder the phone will get a fast wireless charger and a 128GB microSD card. It’s available to everyone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

You will be able to buy the smartphone through carrier and other retailers. Samsung is also doing something different. In the US, you can pick up the Note 8 from Best Buy, Target and Walmart in addition to   

Is the Note 8’s battery safe?

To keep the Note 8 safe, Samsung has:

  • Insulated an eight-point battery safety check
  • Reduced battery size and capacity from 3,500mAh to 3,300mAh to leave more room in the phone’s cavity
  • Partnered with UL, an independent certification organization

Rather having a smaller capacity than the Note 7, battery life was great. In a looping video drain test, the Note 8 lasted a little over 17 hours. It also kept enough charge to get a busy day, even when used for navigation and endless photos at back-to-back wedding weekends.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Dual cameras give portrait mode a boost:

Camera is the most important part in a phone. I used the two rear camera of Note 8 to take beautiful, memorable portraits of two weddings and some gorgeous mountain scenery. Samsung called the Live Focus as the portrait mode which comes with some rules. You have to be at least 4 feet away from your subject and the direction of light has to be right.

You can adjust the blur intensity before you take the photo. Note 8 automatically saves a wide- angle version of the picture as well as the artistic portrait. Even with various slider controls, the processing around the edges can be imperfect and harsh.

Besides all these things, photos are excellent on the whole, with sharp detail and Samsung’s standard color reproduction that’s so vibrant. Samsung featured a ton of new tools into the camera app which makes filters and menus harder to find. You have to swipe left and right to pull them up. It’s good to see Samsung adding dual capture and portrait mode sliders.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The S Pen:

It’s fun to use the S pen stylus. The S Pen keeps the screen cleaner and helps relieve cramped hands.

Live message: Here’s something fun you can do with S Pen. write a message with the S Pen in glittering and glowing text, turn it into an animated GIF and share it with your friends. Write your favorite Live Messages over photos for that personal touch.

Write notes on Lock Screen: Now you can write upto 100 pages in a single note and pin it to the lock screen. It’s useful. But it would be better if Samsung made pages scroll smoothly instead of jerk. Along with these, the S Pen can:

  • Write on the screen
  • Erase mistakes when you press the S Pen button (very convenient, except when you accidentally press it)
  • Take a screenshot of a small portion, not the whole screen (this keeps you from having  to crop to the part you want)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • Create two types of notes, which is especially confusing for novices; seems pointless
  • Add a quick note from the Air Command navigation wheel, can minimize this to turn into an icon that floats around the screen. (You can also add a quick note by pressing the S Pen button and double-tapping the display)
  • Hover to preview and share or edit images and surface hidden menus
  • Annotate everything from images to screenshots

Galaxy Note 8 specs versus S8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, OnePlus 5:

Galaxy Note 8 specs versus S8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, OnePlus 5:

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