Samsung Pay Heads To Samsung’s Smart TVs

Last March Samsung announced Samsung Pay — a mobile payment offering which it hopes will go head to head with Apple Pay. The service has still not rolled out yet but Samsung is expanding its payment push to smart TVs, with the launch of Samsung Pay on TV — which it says will be coming to ‘select’ 2014 and 2015 Samsung smart TVs, initially in 32 countries.

While Samsung Pay on mobile will use magnetic secure transmission tech, and also support NFC, in order to be compatible with retailers’ point of sales terminals, Samsung Pay on TV is necessarily a different animal. Samsung says it partnered with PayPal to create a pay-by-PIN process to let its smart TV users register payment card/PayPal details so they can buy stuff on their TV with a few button pushes in future. So this is also about Samsung opening up its Tizen OS-based smart TVs as a platform for e-commerce.

Here’s how Samsung describes the pay on TV process: The payment service on Samsung Smart TV was designed from scratch to provide an easy and safe payment experience specifically for the TV. It supports major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal as well as other mobile billing options. The beauty of it is that in most cases, users can complete a payment in just three steps after the initial registration setup. First, choose the item you want to purchase. Then simply press the ‘Pay Now’ button, and enter the PIN (Personal Identification Number). That’s it!

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