Samsung’s Latest Level On Headphones Claim Wireless High Fidelity

What do you do if you have a library of ultra-high-definition music files and a device to play them, but don’t want to bother with corded headphones? Samsung thinks you should pick up a pair of its new Level On Wireless Pro headphones, which it claims deliver higher-quality audio than the competition.

The new Level Ons, Samsung says, will give you better than CD-quality music — that is, assuming the music you have is high quality to begin with. The jury’s still out on whether that quality really makes a difference, but if you have the money and want to be sure you’re getting the best, high-resolution audio is a good start.

Of course, you’re getting more than good sound with these high-end cans. They’ve got touch-sensitive controls on the earpiece that let you change the volume or track, and there are built-in microphones that help provide noise cancellation — or pipe external sound in, should you prefer to be able to hear traffic and other ambient sounds.

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