The Savagery of Twinkle Khanna, the great Mrs. Funnybones

Twinkle Khanna is one of the most honest, truthful, and blunt person in the industry. She never speaks in confusing phrases and is always direct and to the point. Even her jokes and punches speak directly to the general populous. She is the true beauty with brains combination and Akshay Kumar is a very lucky person to have a wife like Twinkle Khanna.

We could go on and on about Mrs. Funnybones with praises and applause but hearing her explain some things in the most savage way would be much more interesting. So here are some of the most savage moments of Mrs. Funnybones:

  • When she told a reporter her origin story:

That was a classic Twinkle, shut up remark!! She can shut anyone up. Twinkle has that power!

  • Twinkle describing her relationship with Karan Johar:

Isn’t that exactly how you feel about your best friends! They are your bros!! Don’t worry Twinkle, Karan thinks you are a 100 rupee note too!!

  • I’m the boss of the household:

Look at Akshay’s face! As I said earlier, she is afraid of no one!! She is her own boss and she is as blunt as they can get!

  • Twinkle’s version of Salman Khan’s Matrimonial Ad:

Salman Khan is actually the most eligible bachelor in India and he is certainly the oldest bachelor too. I really don’t understand his reasons behind his aversion to marriage vows. The photo is killer too!!

  • Savage reply to a reporter asking why she didn’t write about interior design in her columns:

This is ultimate! Exploding Pottys is a new way of describing it! You are write Mrs. Funnybones, it is a little juvenile!!

Twinkle Khanna is the boss in her columns, at home and in any career she tries to put her hands on. She has excellent wit and is always ready with an answer. She is the most savage of them all!

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