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SCARY! These Disturbing Ads Show What Your Favourite Dessert Is Doing To Your Body

If you’re one of those people who wake up thinking about chocolates and cannot stop fantasizing about desserts, then you might want to have one last bite of that leftover dessert before reading this!

While you satiate your sweet-tooth with full dedication towards sugary food, you might want to look-after the rest of your body, for a change? Craving for sugar once in a while is all right, but by consuming excessive sugar, you’re only placing yourself at a greater risk of diabetes. And if you can’t stop yourself from cutting down on your sugar intake, this post is definitely going to help.

A Thai designer, Nattakong Jaengsem, designed a campaign to spread awareness about diabetes by designing the adverse effects of excessive sugar on the body.

His images show the delicious desserts in a very negative light, and, boy oh boy, is it scary!














How about a chocolate brownie now?


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