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Scientists Have Discovered a Star Circling Closest-Known Orbit around a Likely Black Hole



Black holes have been in the list of the most mysterious space objects, which the scientists really crave to find out about. It is found in abundance in universe. These black holes are known to exist in the distant galaxies. The scientists have revealed the discoveries of many black holes every now and then. Sometimes, it is wandering and at times it is absolutely still.

This time around, it is the real behavior of the star that has surprised the scientists. The scientists have now got an evidence of a star that has actually been giving company to a black hole.

This star has actually been spotted whipping somewhere around the black hole at a frequency of twice an hour and this may well be the hardest orbital dance that has ever been witnessed for the likely black hole and also a companion star.

Even though the binary has basically been under proper observation for so many years, the radio observations with ATCA in the year 2015 actually went on to reveal that this pair most likely contains the black hole pulling material from the companion star that is called the white dwarf, which is a low mass star and that has actually exhausted most of its nuclear fuel.

As per NASA, the new Chandra data of the system, which is known as X9 shows that it changes in the X-ray brightness in exactly the same way every 27 minutes. This may be the length of time taken by the companion star for making one complete orbit around this black hole.

The data (Chandra) also provides some evidence for the large amounts of oxygen that is in the system – one characteristic feature of the white dwarfs. Therefore, a good case can be made that this companion star is actually a white dwarf; this will be orbiting the black hole at about 2.50 times the separation between Moon and Earth.

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