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Scientists Finally Unravel The Truth Behind The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle Dissapearances


The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a mysterious region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. The triangle is so named because of the unusually high number of ships and aircraft that are said to have disappeared while traveling through the area.

The mysterious disappearances that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle has been unresolved for quite a long time. The mysteries were so deepening that tales have been told about certain supernatural activities going around that place. But the truth has been unveiled by scientists and there is an explanation to what exactly happened to the vehicles that disappeared quite mysteriously. so let’s take a look at what actually happened.

1. Lost Souls

Lost Souls


Some of the most famous maritime disappearances in history are attributed to the Bermuda Triangle. Their mysterious disappearances have only added to the eerie mystique of the area. The world famous Marie Celeste, which departed from a New York Harbor on November 5, 1872, sailed into the triangle and was never heard from again. The actual ship and its cargo was found drifting out into the Atlantic Ocean, weeks after its departure but its crew was missing entirely…

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