Scientists Have Discovered Something Shocking About This Desert. Aliens?

Stretching from the Middle East to South America are more than enough geoglyphs (The patterns or lines formed on the ground by clastic rocks, stones, trees, or Earth. Until now, the oldest of these were presumed to be South American Nazca Lines. But, now we have discovered something shocking-

South American Nazca Lines


These are the oldest geoglyph which was thought to be the South American Nazca Lines.


These are the oldest now


Researchers now claim that they’ve found geoglyphs that are older than the Nazca lines! So, history is to be revised.

These are at least a few hundred years older


Researchers that were trying to study these, claimed them to be at least a few hundred years older than the Nazca lines.

The intriguing mystery of these lines is surely nerve-wracking


This discovery hasn’t been able to tell how the lines came


But, surely it has deepened the mystery and widened the purview.

“The works of old men”


Some tribes that walk on this land in this desert term these lines and patterns as- “The works of old men”.

300 Patterns in totality


Covering an area of about 1,000 sq. kms, there are about 300 different figures, including animals and plants as geoglyphs called the Nazca Lines.

Who built them? Or the existence of so many patterns in a single place is just a matter of coincidence!

So, we need to keep exploring


In order to confirm that slight voice in our heads that says aliens are behind this.

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