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Scientists in Russia Make Extremely Powerful Antidote for Some Deadly Chemical Weapons

Highly toxic kinds of chemical weapons, which can certainly kill people in a matter of minutes, even with a minimal concentration, actually belong to the class of organo-phosphorus chemical compounds. It is believed that these substances were initially synthesized in Germany in 1930; however, they spread widely across the military industry only during mid of the previous century, when some really dangerous types of substances were made, like the Soviet Analog and British nerve gas – VX.

As per the 1997 CWC (Chemical Weapons Convention), all the stocks of VX, VR and other combat gases were to be completely destroyed by every country. Only Russia and US admitted the existence of these substances in their territories; however, international security experts now suspect that stocks of these gases still do exist in many countries in South Asia and Middle East. Apart from these, other relatively less hazardous versions of these organo-phosphorus compounds are being used as pesticides. Thereby, the issue of neutralization of these pesticides and poisons still remains a major challenge for scientists. A team of Russian scientists, led by Alexander Kabanov (a Professor from the University of Carolina) suggested using a special kind of nano-particles.

Professor Kabanov went on to state that in the 1980′s his team discovered that using polymeric micelles quickly formed polymeric nano-particles for the delivery of small drugs. This same concept was then explored by his team and also many others worldwide. Eventually, this went on to result in many drugs getting tested in human trials and then getting approved for human use. Very soon, his team started seriously working on the polymeric micelles that can actually incorporate biopolymers through electrostatic interactions.

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