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Sentence for Ram Rahim at 2:30 pm, Tight Security in Punjab, Haryana

Tight Security in Punjab, Haryana

CBI Court will declare the final sentence for Ram Rahim, who has been proved guilty of raping Dera Sadhvis. The judgement will come at 2:30 pm noon time, as reported. The security forces has captivated Punjab and Haryana to encounter any riots and violence, if broke out.

Ram Rahim’s Dera Sacha Sauda has the vast rural following in Punjab and Haryana. The supporters burned down gas stations, train stations and vandalized vehicles after he was announced guilty of raping two women in a 2002 case. At least 38 people are killed and more than 200 injured in the violence in Haryana. The Haryana police said they have made sufficient security arrangements to ensure peace and harmony.


Rohtak has been placed under multi-layered security. 28 companies of paramilitary troops have been stationed in the town and Dera followers are not being allowed to enter the district.

All the major news networks are keeping their eyes on every action in this case.

‘Special CBI Judge Jagdeep Singh leaves from Panchkula. He is expected to reach Rohtak within 40 minutes. Court proceedings at Rohtak’s Sonaria jail to begin at 2:30 pm’, reports news agency ANI at 11:54 am.


Looking at the case, the security forces have been kept on High Alerts after Haryana’s government is facing criticism for not being able to control the violence on August 25. The Government, however, protected itself and have taken strict measures to bring things under control.

People should understand that the man whom everybody is thinking is innocent, actually is a devil. He doesn’t deserve the love and support that people are showing for him. Else the girls who had survived the adverse condition should have the support. It’s an appeal to everybody to open their eyes and see the fact. And please do not break the rules of the Constitution and let it finalize the fate of Ram Rahim. Because whatever they will do, it is a fact that the guilty will not be saved.

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