Seven Terrible WhatsApp Forwarded Messages

WhatsApp is a great platform for instant messaging and connecting several billions of people by providing the much-needed service. Forwarded messages have been a part of this platform – though many of these forwarded texts seem to be useful, there are a whole lot of awful messages also doing rounds.

We have compiled a few of the most terrible WhatsApp forwarded messages, mostly forwarded by sadistic friends. We are sure each of you who are active on WhatsApp would have come across many such forwards. Read on!

  • Am I reading that right? Let me read through this joke once again.

  • This one is truly hilarious! Outstanding results of the treatment!

  • What an unpleasant way to wish your loved ones for a festival!

  • And this greeting certainly outdoes the previous one. How can people even think of sending wishes so horribly?

  • Would you actually want to find out how this problem is solved and ruin your festive mood? Go ahead! That certainly looks like all Greek and Latin to me!

  • What a way to find out whether you are a gay! Now, how did you reach that conclusion? Explanation please!

  • Is that a hygienic professional tip? May be, that’s your way of saying Good Morning!

  • Now, this is what we call as ‘Heights of social commentary’. Please spare Modi. ROFL!

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