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Shashi Tharoor Gives Adequate Reasons as to Why British Should Always Be in Debt of India


Recently, Shashi Tharoor, a literary speaker and congress MP, taught a British reporter on India’s vast contribution to the growth of the colonial empire. In an interview with Sky News, Shashi was asked by the interviewer about the ‘trickle down of the repatriation of the funds to the UK’ to which Shashi countered the interviewer for using the term ‘trickle’. He said the sum was not merely a trickle, but a large amount was pumped to UK.

He, further added that was he was speaking not just with respect to the ‘monetary aspect’ but the ‘moral aspect’ as well. Shashi explained, “What really matters is for Britain to look within and to recognize that there is something to be apologetic about.”

Shashi went on to refer to how Justin Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister) offered an apology to our country over an old incident. Over a century ago, Canada had turned away a vessel full of migrants (Indians) fleeing the British Empire from Vancouver port, This resulted in the death of the immigrants, despite of the basic fact that Canadians did not kill the immigrants themselves. Shashi said, adding, “To my mind, I think, just taking collective responsibility is a moral step that the British have simply not contemplated even after 200 years of profiting from their empire.”

Expressing his views on the British era in India, Shashi has penned down a book named the ‘Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India’

While, zillions of Indians are lauding Shashi for speaking his mind in the interview and voicing out for India, even foreigners have praised the congress MP for his knowledge and audacity.

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