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Shashi Tharoor’s Eloquent Vocabulary on Twitter Made the Twitterattis Run for a Dictionary, Hilarious Jokes Followed

It’s no secret that Shashi Tharoor, the Congress MP is an expertise at weaving words and turning them into hilarious word bombs. It’s quite evident that not many can comprehend his unique choice of words – you better have an Oxford dictionary handy to understand what he’s trying to say.

The extensive vocabulary that Tharoor uses has made him the stock of quite a lot of jokes over these years. The latest tweets by Tharoor were the result of Arnab Goswami’s hypothetical accusation that Tharoor murdered his wife Sunanda Pushkar, and the Congress helped him in escaping.

Following this, Tharoor disproved the allegations on social media. In the process, he out-Tharoored himself! Soon after that, the word Farrago went viral and turned out to be a trending search on Google.

Tharoor never realized what he had unbridled with his scholarly statement as social media users scuttled to decipher the multisyllabic words that people would have hardly used in typical conversations earlier.

The single tweet from Tharoor using the word ‘Farrago’ has made it the most popular one in the cultural lexicon of India.

While Arnab Goswami’s outburst continued on television, there was new format of joke all over the internet for social media users to enjoy.

Soon, the tweet became a popular one for meme pages across several platforms and has now become a real viral tweet online.

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