She Begs Her Marine Brother To Come Home. One Day Before School Ends, She NEVER Expected This!

Coming home after a tour of duty overseas is exciting! Some of our servicemen and women place surprises homecomings for their loved ones. We have all see the absolute joy on the faces of the children when they see their mom or dad again! Four years ago, Sgt. Brandon Prelesnik joined the Marines when his sister, Cheyanna, was only six years old.

They hadn’t been able to spend much quality time together since he joined. Then Prelesnik was deployed for seven months and hadn’t seen his entire family during that period. They exchanged letters, though. Cheyanna, now 10-years old, had told Brandon that she wanted him to surprise her when he came home – and boy did he!

Take a look at this video

Brandon came to Cheyanna’s school on the last day of school to surprise her! Cheyanna just melts into her brother’s arms! You can see one girl in the background tear up as well! Share away, people.

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