She Spent Her Whole Life In A Shelter Where No One Wanted Her. Then, She Met HER.

Each year around 7.6 million cats and dogs enter shelters around the United States. Of those 2.7 million are euthanized. That is so sad, I am without words. Yukon Animal Control, in Oklahoma, starting taking care of Rachel, a Labrador-hound mix when she was 2-years-old.

She was brought to the shelter after being found wandering the streets. Soon after, Pets and People Human Society took Rachel to their shelter. She was a very energetic pup and didn’t fit in well with the other residents.

shelter dog

Many of the other animals around her found a family and moved out. Rachel was never picked. As time passed, Rachel grew out of her ‘crazy’ stage and now gets along well with both cats and dogs.

Sadly, she lived in the shelter for 7 years! Looking at the face of this beautiful girl, it is hard to imagine she got overlooked for so long! Susie’s Senior Dogs heard about Rachel and featured her on their Facebook page.

shelter dog

Susie’s Senior Dogs help older dogs in shelters get adopted. They were successful in helping Susie find her very own home! Laura fell in love and adopted Rachel! Rachel finally has a house of her own and enjoys the doing things all dogs should do, go on walks, ride in the car and get LOVE!

shelter dog

We, as pet owners, need to be more responsible – spay and neuter your pets. Do NOT continue to contribute to the number of animals living on the streets, living in shelters, or killed in shelters! Share away, people!

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