She Was Hoping To Find A Pearl Inside…She Got Way More Than She Bargained For

If you’ve gone hunting for clams, it’s for one of two reasons: a tasty seafood dinner…or to find a rare wild pearl.

I grew up on the water and have opened my fair share of mollusks in search of the shiny gems. But, in my 28 years on the coast, I’ve never cracked open a pearl-bearing shell.

This woman is clearly far more lucky than I am.

That’s a lot of pearls…

While you’re much more likely to find pearls in oysters, they (obviously) do occur in clams, too.
Pearls are formed when an irritant gets stuck inside the shell. The shiny interior coating of the shell is called nacre or “mother-of-pearl,” which coats the tiny object that is trapped.

Have you ever found a pearl in a clam or oyster?

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