She Was On A Family Trip When Something Unplanned Happened And Internet Went Mad

“Peacock,” the image that appears to me when I hear of this bird is a beautifully dancing creature with its feathers wide open, mesmerizing our eyes and giving a serene scenic view. But to my surprise, the situation I am talking about is damn unreal. It is also epic as the Internet is going crazy in creating the most stupid memes of the poor, and actually ” The Terrified Girl” whose eyes were in a state of utter trepidation when in the zoo she got a shock after seeing a “peacock.”

Yes, a “peacock” gave her such a shock that she couldn’t stop running, and we couldn’t stop trolling.

Well, can we blame the peacock for that? Lol, click next to know the whole incident.

 Let’s conquer the Winterfell.

Let’s conquer the Winterfell.