N. Korea Nuclear Tests – Will China hear the real Sound?

Disputes between China- North Korea
Disputes between China- North Korea

So North Korea again did a nuclear test on Sunday. China, North Korea’s only global ally and biggest trading partner, has put on a stoic face since the incident.The problems between these two countries are getting bigger.

It’s the third time in one year that North Korea has overshadowed a major Chinese event. Previous missile tests coincided with the unveiling of Xi’s global economic blueprint at his Belt and Road summit in May and the G20, which China hosted last September.

Relations between Pyongyang and Beijing got bitter since Kim succeeded his late father as dictator. The murder in Malaysia of Kim’s older half brother, Kim Jong Nam, who was living in the Chinese territory of Macau, is likely to have further soured ties.


“The Chinese have been pressing North Korea very hard not to stage a nuclear test. For the North Koreans to deliberately choose a few hours before a very important summit meeting when Xi Jinping is hosting the leaders from India, Brazil and South Africa — a big, big deal for the Chinese — is a deliberate poke in the eye from North Korea.” said Mike Chinoy, former Chief of CNN Beijing bureau and the author of ‘Meltdown: Inside the story of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis’.

“The US, China and the rest of the world are facing a critical choice: Do we still insist on the denuclearization of the peninsula or do we accept its failure and recognize North Korea as a nuclear power?” said Zhang Liangui, a professor of international strategy at the ruling Communists’ Central Party School and an expert on North Korea.

Many Western analysts believe that Beijing is frustrated with North Korea. It believes that North Korea acts as a strategic buffer between China and South Korea, where the US maintains a large military presence.

Well, these countries have to show a maturity by talking to each other and solving out the problems. However, China do have it’s bad eyes on the land of its neighbour countries. It’s better for China to stay in its limits or soon or later adverse results can be presented to it as well.

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