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Are You a Slave or a Master to Technology?

If you think the latter one is your answer…then think again. Could you go a week without your phone? Or have you bothered yourself by memorizing phone numbers? Then there is your answer.

There is not an iota of doubt that technology has made our life convenient and easy. However, it has done it’s job so exceptionally well that it’s quite scary.

Could you imagine going without your favorite gadget or even worse, could you imagine breaking them?

1. Fake Report: Reason for increasing number of heart breaks…No, girls aren’t to be blamed this time! Maybe a broken earphone?

2. When you have your priorities sorted out and your friend is no match to the game. So, you decide to disown them.

3. When you are forced to agree with something you’re clearly NOT OK with!

4. When untangling the earphones is harder than the maze game!

5. When the reality hits you real hard and you cannot stop yourself from tearing up.

6. Well I clearly DO NOT live in Narnia! So why isolate me?

7. The second you realize you are in trouble…And technology turns out to be your worst enemy. #After every crazy party

8. Don’t you go buff…buff…buffering my heart. It’s been established. My internet is disloyal. Period.

9. The sudden realization of all the ‘important stuff’ you need to do in your delusional world. Probably stopping a world war three…?

10. And I would blame it on the butter fingers.

11. Yes! Snakes is what the world is filled with. Happy realization mate.

12. #The Harsh Reality: What goes around comes around…

13. I would be as brave as Rafiki and stand by the edge of the cliff for this! And if that doesn’t work, take another step to end the story.

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