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SmartThings Support Is Coming To Amazon Echo

It would appear that Amazon has plans to team up with SmartThings to power various home automation features with the Amazon Echo, the voice-powered personal assistant device. According to a Google web cache of the SmartThings blog, the Amazon Echo will soon be able to power any SmartThings-compatible devices in the home through a simple shout-out to Alexa. That includes non-SmartThings items that are plugged into a SmartThings Power Outlet, as well as switches and lights from the company.2-2 Based on a demo video (which was set to private, but we guessed the password: “Alexa”), users who have both an Echo and any SmartThings products will be able to ask Alexa to turn on various devices by name, and even dim the lights. The blog post has since been pulled, so there’s no word on when this will actually become official.2-3The Amazon Echo first debuted in November 2014 with limited availability to Prime members who signed up for an invite. The device, which is shaped like a thin paper towel roll, sits plugged into a power outlet and connects to WiFi to answer any and all of your household needs. Through an always-on microphone, the Echo listens for a command word (“Alexa”) and is able to perform various Google searches to answer queries, add items to your Amazon shopping list, and even tell jokes.

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