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Snake Gets Loose on Alaska Flight

A snake was found inside a commuter airplane which was flying between Alaskan communities. Suddenly, an announcement came over the intercom that a passenger from the previous flight had brought a pet snake on board which is still inside the flight. The pilot came out and also informed that they have a loose snake inside the plane but no clue as to exactly where it is. He also shared that the snake wasn’t venomous, so not to worry.

A little boy amongst the passengers luckily spotted the slumbering snake when he was climbing on his seat. McConnaughy, the little boy’s mom informed the same to the crew members without wasting any time. According to reports, the snake was lying near back door which was partially covered by a bag. This was how the snake was discovered. There was no panic but passengers wanted to see the snake. The pilot helped in sacking the snake with the help of the flight attendant.

The flight attendant was a trained staff who grabbed the snake by the belly and dropped it into a plastic trash bag. After that, the snake was kept in a storage bin. The little boy’s mom shared some pics which showed that the pale snake was about 4 to 5 feet long, but wasn’t active.

William Walsh, who is a spokesperson of Ravn Alaska informed that the passenger had violated airline policy, as the owner had not registered the pet for travel. But after arriving at Aniak, he reported his pet snake was missing. According to policy, airlines prohibit rodents and reptiles including snakes, but he failed to mention about the actions to be taken against the traveler. After all this, finally the flight landed as per schedule at Anchorage.

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