Some Crazy and Mind-Boggling Products That People Come Up With

The Human Species simply never cease to surprise you. They always have something up their sleeves…Below is a collection of some crazy products I found online. Some are plain hilarious I say. What are your thoughts?

  • A Pizza Pouch

Nope! I am not even kidding, this actually exists. Who would care for a Gucci bag when you can flaunt around a pizza pouch? You can find it on Amazon for $9.

  • This is What’s Currently Trending…Mark My Words

Crazy Cat Lady- Action Figure is exactly what you were waiting for! The icing on the cake comes with 6 cats! Mewoow

  • Nicolas Cage Pillow Covers

Because celebrity wall papers are so late 70’s. You definitely need something to spice up your room. So, this is the best they could come up with.

  • The Unicorn Horn

Unicorns do exist damn it! And you would go any lengths to prove it to them, even if it means that you have to turn your pet into one!

  • This Would Prove Your Love…I Guess


It’s always smart to let them know as to just HOW serious you are in your relationship.

  • Every Crazy Cat Lady’s Dream

This breath spray lets you have long intellectual conversations with your cats even without getting drunk! In my defense, the buyers from Amazon seemed satisfied though!

  • The Emergency Bowtie

Guys you all definitely need this. The offer for the next James Bond movie may come knocking at your door any second! You’ll better be well equipped.

  • The Freeloader Fork

Not only let’s you eat food from your plate, but your neighbors as well? Dream comes true. Period.

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