Some wedding cakes that actually ruined the mood, the occasion and made the bride cry

Blunders happen but no one expects that it will happen with them right on their wedding day. Marrying her prince charming is that day of the girls life when she wants everything to be perfect.

But, in real life things are different and not every marriage happens to be a fairy tale. Many things can ruin your D-day like for instance the wedding gown doesn’t fit or gets torn or the bridesmaid creates ruckus after getting drunk or that beautiful cake you ordered from the choicest of bakery didn’t turn the way it was supposed to be.

Let’s see some epic wedding cake blunders that no bride will ever forget in her life.

The beautiful white fondant with rose petals is an ideal choice to celebrate the occasion but what if instead of three tiered cake on which rose petals are placed elegantly you get this mess.

Flowers make the things lighten up, bring freshness but definitely not in this manner.

I had ordered for this green sophisticated looking cake and definitely not for this rubbish green lump.

This delicate lacing on the cake makes it so beautiful…but who can even think that the baker will make the replica like this?

I think this cake can give a tough competition to the leaning tower of Pisa.

This makes me remember ‘Yellow yellow dirty fellow’

Did some kid make this lopsided cake in her very first bakery class?

I can never imagine that someone can write the instructions given, on the cake. Insane people

Doesn’t it resemble like a toddler has made this with his play dough?

How do you spell… wedding or weeding?

Is this a wedding cake or …….

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