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Someone Is Hiding Sauce Bottles inside Library

A number of steak sauce bottles were found inside Ohio’s Avon Lake Public Library. According to a post on Facebook, it was clear that somebody was dropping empty sauce bottles inside the library since a year and the total count is about 30 in number. After doing so much of detective work, no one knows the exact reason behind this. As per one of the reports, “a safety guard noticed the primary bottle tucked in a pile of newspapers on 11th January.”  

Library officials informed that the empty bottles were found in the grown-up fiction or non-fiction sections, but they firmly confirmed that they never discovered the bottles around youngsters’ e-book section and there didn’t seem to be a pattern where the empty bottles are hid. To add to that, they also informed bottles were hidden behind the books and some were lying down under the tables, but not always.

After they posted the news on Facebook, it went so viral that these days the library is turning to the local community followed by local newspaper companies too. The story is going viral in the U.S. and it is appearing on the Huffington Post, Atlas Obscura, and local Fox affiliates.

The disturbance level has gone so high that some commenters on the library’s Facebook page are insisting to send the culprit behind the bars when caught. A report by The Chronicle Telegram announced that the mischief might be done by any teen wrongdoer, but the library authority confirmed that they are being left in the first half of the day inside the library whereas sauce bottles come into existence only after three o’ clock. So, it is confirmed that it is not the work of any scholar.

The case has already been registered with the local police and soon the culprit will be caught, the library authority informed.

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