Starter Packs for All Those Situations in Life That Are Bound to Happen

There are certain nuances of life where if you get the right set of ingredients you are sure to make a kill. So, let us see some unique starter packs that will help you decode certain stuff in your life.

  • When it comes to Indian mums, it is really difficult to understand them because they use all tactics at the same time – threat, melodrama, love, care and what not.

  • To get a kick, start getting addicted to chips and kurkure as a kid and finally make a trip to Kasol with friends when in college.

  • Gym freaks gulp down endless eggs and bananas and never ever miss a gym session. Education comes second on priority.

  • If you want to be a cool dude on the internet, it’s a must for you.

  • To be identified as a nationalist today, you should know all about Modi, cow and peacock.

  • If you want to boast about being a Hollywood fan, it is mandatory to call Bollywood stuff kachra.

  • You are not a true cricket fan if you don’t recognise this person in the picture and can’t abuse with the choicest of words when an India-Pakistan match is played.

  • There is a starter pack for anti-nationalist too if you aspire to be one.

  • Love and breakups are a part and parcel of every young adult and this start-up pack helps during the difficult times.


  • You are not a true South Delhi boy if you don’t have a tattoo, or you don’t socialise in HKV or you don’t drive some luxury car.

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You’ll be very proud to be an Indian. Watch till end

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