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Stephanie Discovers ‘Grand Canyon’ Like Cavity in Her Stomach Post-Delivery

It is said that women are the stronger sex because they can give birth. But, are they called warriors because they can cope with the pains of pregnancy, or because they have to look back into the mirror post-delivery and face the reality?

There are a few lucky mothers who end up with wonderful postpartum bodies, while there are a few unfortunate ones like Stephanie Bruce.

Stephanie Bruce, who is a professional runner, took some time off from her training period to start her family. Stephanie gave birth to two sons in a time span of 15 months. As a professional athlete, she had a toned body with 6-pack abs. She lost those after delivery. The loosing of her toned abs did not disappoint her as much as the cavity she found near her belly button.

The cavity had developed right in the middle of her stomach and it resembled a ‘grand canyon’. It is a condition seen in pregnancy where the abdominal muscle walls separate to make more space for the fetus to grow.

Stephanie decided not to give up and focused on maintaining her fitness. But it was a tough path she had chosen. She had to face and overcome a lot of issues. Her performance in the game had also deteriorated.

She once had flaunted a fit body, but with her post-baby body, she was confused and humiliated as well. But this didn’t stop her. The 32-year-old started training herself for the Olympics. She proudly shared her photos of saggy stomach on social media, with the pure thought of motivating women struggling with similar conditions.

The photos which she posted, showed her sagging stomach, stretch marks, and a cavity in her abdomen.

She got a mixed reaction for her brave act. Some called it gross and criticized the athlete for over-sharing, while others applauded her.

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