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Still Wondering What Is GST? These Tweets Are a Must-Read for You

There are many people who are still wondering what GST is and what it is all about. Don’t worry as there are many people like you who feel the same way. Goods and Services Tax is one of the most complicated tax reforms scene by our country and not even the government can explain the entire GST in one shot. So, if you are one of the many who are having troubles cracking GST, then these hilarious jokes and memes are for you so that you can understand this tax reform with a smile on your face:

  • When Rahul Gandhi Is Asked to Explain GST:

You shouldn’t ask Rahul Gandhi such intellectual questions because he will answer in such an intellectual way that you won’t understand a single thing and get even more confused than you already were!

  • Full Form of GST by Alia Bhatt:

Good Night, Sweet Dreams and Take Care is the perfect full form as that is what it did to all the tax defrauders and it would take care of fixing our government’s economy as well!

  • The Government Doesn’t Understand Their Own Reform:

It is true that the government has taken a hell of a lot of time to explain a simple tax reform. They are the ones who made it so complicated and unnerving.

  • Know GST? You Are More Dateable:

The best way to score chicks is through Tinder and if you write that you can explain the great GST; you might get more matches as well. That is the power of GST! It gets you more dates.

  • The Shift from VAT to GST Can Be Seen in Other Areas As Well:

To the people who think this is true, it isn’t! It’s just Photoshop! He did fool us.

Don’t worry! With time, GST would become much clearer to you and you would understand its benefits in an even better way!

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