A Story of every Indian child, the tug of war between a student and college cut-offs

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Because of cut offs, the parents panic as soon as they realize that their kid isn’t even making the basic expectations in subjects like mathematics. They never really come to terms with the fact that their kid isn’t good in mathematics. Whenever there was a single mark of red on the report card, they ask their kids when their report card will have no red mark!

The kids barely get through the basic classes and in the hopes of never seeing numbers again, they go for humanities in their senior secondary school. But right after that, the kids find out that numbers never left them and they had to study Economics to make it through.


The kids try really hard only to realize in the later years that it is really very difficult to get through and it wasn’t even their fault.  They think they can make it work but it is really difficult.

Others made it through but there was something wrong with some kids. Kids then wonder what wasn’t enough in them. They try their asses off but the result wasn’t good enough for cutoffs.

The worst insecurities then come in the minds of these young and bright kids and all they ever wanted was to make their parents proud and get into a good college.

But finally after a lot of work and slow speed climbing of the success ladder, the kids somehow make it to the big leagues.

Even after the cutoffs pushed them down, these kids had potential and went through cutoffs, emerging victorious and satisfied on the other side.

All the individuals that dealt with this must have felt the same way and could relate to the above story!

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