Strange Guy Captured On CCTV Footage While Passing By A Mirror Without Reflection

A video went viral when a man wearing black passed by a mirror without reflection, it was recorded in the CCTV footage of a flip flop store in Savannah. The video was very clear and all people that passed by the mirror visibly have reflections, except for this man in black.

This video caught the attention of many people as to why he has no reflection at all, many people find it scary and inexpiable.

Several netizens in social media commented and said that the man could be a vampire in our contemporary world. From the stories and movies we have watched, vampires are believed to be immortals, afraid of sunlight and they suck the blood of people. There are assumptions about vampires that they don’t have reflections in the mirror if they happen to accidentally face or passed by it. This perhaps is the reason why some people think this man is a vampire.

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