Student orders dream prom dress online – what she receives really doesn’t live up to the advert

There are few occasions in a girl’s life where she will really go all-out and get dressed up.

Aside from her wedding day, the obvious other events are milestone birthdays and the increasingly popular school prom night.

One student in the USA purchased what she thought was a beautiful taffeta gown with lace neck and sleeve detailing – a dream dress, really.

But what she received was wildly different and – as one amused Twitter user pointed out – “looks like pieces of a Satan Halloween costume stitched to hairnets.”

This is what it was meant to look like

This is what she received

But she took it very well

Juliet Jacoby tweeted a screenshot of the advert for the dress, being sold for $149 on, a website where individual sellers can set up listings for their own products.

She also posted photos modelling the dress she actually received, which looks like a cheap imitation of what she ordered.

It wasn’t very popular with other social media users.

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