Students tried to Prank an Art Gallery by Leaving a Pineapple at the exhibit but something great happened

Two students mischievously planned a prank on an art gallery. The prank was simple. All they were planning to do was leave a pineapple at the exhibit. Lloyd Jack and Ruairi Gray left the exotic fruit in Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University. Ruairi had bought the pineapple for £1 and decided to do this prank.

The surprise to them was when the curators put a glass around the fruit and treated it as real art. The pineapple stayed on display for two whole days and fooled hundreds of students and lecturers who praised this work of art. After two days, the officials realized their mistake and took it down.

Now the prank’s picture has been surfacing online and has gone viral:

I made art

Ruairi states that, he saw an empty art display and wondered how long would the pineapple stay there and whether people would believe it is art or not and to his surprise, the next time he came in, he saw a glass on top of the pineapple.

Pineapple is one of the art displays now.

Ruairi couldn’t believe it and his honors supervisor couldn’t either. The supervisor even asked the art lecturer whether it was real or not.

‘Look Again’ was the name of this art exhibition.

The aim of the exhibition was to make visitors look at spaces and places around them with a fresh pair of eyes.

Does the Pineapple look different to you now?

Like a true artist, Ruairi Gray stated that the pineapple is the representation of the inevitable breakdown of your entire life.

Here is a picture of our Artist:

As becoming an artist is so easy, now you try it by making something from absolutely nothing!

It is not going to be this easy though. This was downright luck and stupidity of the curators.

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