Stuff you can relate to only if you have an Older Sis

Having an elder sister is one of those Gods given gifts you enjoy. There are almost like our second mothers. Sometimes we love them and the other times… Here are some memes that you can totally relate to if you have an older sister.

  • The permission

Sister are the absolute solution to every problem. They have this insane talent of permission from your parents for even the toughest things!

  • The mandatory buttering you need to do

  • But you simply cannot stop yourself from getting evil from time to time.

  • Your hobby

To annoy the shit out of them!

  • You slay the game with their makeup and clothes.

  • But, of course getting your hands on those stuff was never easy!

  • The unconditional trust

You know you can trust her for all your shopping decisions.

  • However, can she ever trust you?

That’s simple…No she can’t. And it is always advised that she shouldn’t especially when things are food related.

  • Snatching away her food is always fun…

  • But you always forget to do the aftermath of it

  • The fake-cry you do every time you feel threatened by her.

  • When your sister is the perfect daughter

And you hate her cause she has set the bar too high!

  • You are sick and tired of being compared to them

"Ma, I can't live in didi's shadow please let me be my own person."

  • The protective shield


However, they do come to your rescue when you get into trouble.

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It's Monday :(

It’s Monday :(

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