Stuff You Shouldn’t Say to a Cop

Sometimes our sense of humor could land us in the wrong place. A police station for instance?

Here are somethings you must refrain yourself from telling a cop.

    1.If you wonder why they use those gloves, just Google it. Don’t make him demonstrate it!

    2. Improve your knowledge quotient beforehand. Don’t let them teach you… “Oh! So, that is what these yellow flash lights around the school area mean!”

    3. Don’t get smart with him with jokes like…”How long would this take? Your wife is expecting me.”

4. Come on, write the damn ticket. You know the bars close in 10 minutes!

5. Hey man! Let’s get a 6 pack on the way to a station.

6. Look, now I was kind of weaving, but in my defense, I was simply trying to hit the tiny green men!

7. You have a choice here officer. I have two different driver’s licenses from two different states. Feel free to pick any one.

8. I actually have no clue as to how fast I was driving. You see this little needle? Yeah, it stopped at 110mph.

9. I cannot reach my driver’s license unless you help me hold my beer.

10. Sorry man, I didn’t realize as my radar detector was not plugged in.

 11. Hey! Aren’t you from the ‘Village People’ band? Well, you surely do look like him to me!

12. You know I wanted to be a cop, but then I decided to finish my high school instead.

13. You are not gonna check the car trunk, are you?

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