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Stupid Hilarious Apologies Via Texts

hilarious apologies via texts

Apologies are a part and parcel of life. Each and every one of us has apologized for something or the other in our lives. Be it an apology to your teacher for not finishing an assignment, or to your mother for keeping your room untidy, or to your boyfriend/girlfriend for forgetting your anniversary, an apology is a necessity in our life.

It takes a lot of courage to accept one’s mistakes and apologize for it. Some people are not able to gather the courage and consequently, wreck their relationships. Sometimes, even a text apology is enough to do the trick. But sometimes, due to unforeseeable circumstances, the apology ends up meaning something else entirely.

Here are some of the hilarious, most stupid, text apologies that are totally going to make you ROFL.

  • Can someone really have an awful texture?

Stupid autocorrect is dangerous. It doesn’t just change the meaning of the sentence, but wrecks relationships, too. Beware!

  • Sometimes autocorrect can even send you to jail:

Apple is working on this heavily, but the autocorrect still tickles a lot of people!

  • This person just snapped!

Have you ever said this to someone that you want to carry their children someday and they should love you, okay!?! Didn’t think so. Anna did ask a rhetorical question. Not the replier’s fault!

  • Mom, dad should be careful of where they send their racy texts:

Hanna’s dad’s reply is classic! He did play it very well. He silenced his daughter!

  • Autocorrect strikes again and this time it is brutal and gross:

If I were in his mom’s place, I wouldn’t have replied either. Autocorrect seriously ruins relationships. Damn you, autocorrect!

We have all apologized through texts, but thankfully, we didn’t screw up a lot in them and conveyed our thoughts clearly!

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