The Summer Infographics That You Can Totally Relate To

In summer, you simply fail to lose count of the number of showers you have taken in a day or the gallons of ice cold water you have gulped in, but it is never sufficient! No matter how low you have set the AC room temperature, it feels like there’s no escapism from the insane heat.

Check out these infographics! We bet you can totally relate to it.

  • An Outing in the Summer Season by Default Means a Mall. That’s Where You Can Enjoy the Cool AC.

  • Your Priorities and Necessities Are Seasonal!

Would you rather dare to choose something or someone else over a glass of cold water?

  • The Evil Calamity

When you are trying to get a nap, power cut is bound to happen. It is the unspoken universal law.  

  • Even MOTHERS Hate Summer

However, we hate the season for very different reasons.

  • The Summer Lifecycle

There even might be a change in the environmental cycle, but not this one!

  • The Season That Forces You to Love Your Veggies

Only if chicken could save us from loo.

  • Reason Number 101

But a little more creativity would do no harm.

  • Why Hating Summer Is Justified

Because we can no longer hide the belly fat under those oversized sweatshirts!

  • The Question That Is Left Unanswered…

  • The Month That Makes You Anti-Social

  • The In Between Dilemma…

  • The DermiCool Ad on T.V

The horrible feeling you get when you see the ad on T.V. It’s the trumpet that’s blown as the mark for the beginning of summer

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