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Taylor Swift Gifted her Fans with the Release Date of ‘Reputation’

And the Internet is out of control after this announcement by the pop legend. Fans have gone crazy and emotional because it took three years amidst Taylor last album, the worldwide grand hit, ‘1989’.

The album has been titled ‘Reputation’. It will come out on November 10, with the first single dropping Aug. 24. Fans have been anxiously waiting for Tay to release her next solo. And the Pop Queen very well knows how to please her loved ones!


Taylor Swift used her Twitter account to announce her upcoming album release. After posting three cryptic teaser videos of a terrifying snake, Tay took to social media to reveal her album cover and the details. Naturally, fans immediately began blowing up Twitter to share their reactions.

Taylor opted a very interesting way to address this news in her social media account. Here are the details –

Firstly,  “Shake It Off” singer mysteriously deleted all the content from her social media pages, making her website totally dark. Then, on Aug. 21, she ambiguously came back to all platforms by posting a 10 second video, seemingly showing the scaly tail of a snake.

On the next day, she showed off more of the reptile in a 20 second clip, and finally on Aug. 23, she revealed the full video, including a terrifying clip of the snake’s head with a wide open mouth! And in Less than three hours later, the big reveal was finally made.

So, the Queen is ready to make her presence feel, yet again! The title of her album indicates many points of her life in the past years. She has faced two public feuds & broken two high-profile relationships. So, there could be no other title better than ‘Reputation’.


We wish Taylor Swift the very best of Luck for her upcoming album. Everyone is waiting for the release date to come now, with the very first single to be released on August 24. And no doubt it is going to be a great hit again. So, stay tuned!

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