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Taylor’s new Ad proves the old ‘Taylor’ is Alive!


The new song, ‘Look what you made me do’, is hitting the chartbusters with a Bang! However, we find Taylor’s new commercial quite cute and reminding us of the very ‘Old’ Taylor, which she had declared ‘Dead’ in her very first video song of ‘Reputation’.

“I’m sorry, the Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead.” , Taylor had said these lines at the end of “Look what you made me do”. The pop star’s message here was pretty blunt: Her former personality—and everything that came along with it—is gone.

Well, apart from the negative things of her past life, Taylor has a great soul. And that she proved in her latest commercial Ad in her channel, AT&T. In the Ad, Swift strums her guitar, plays with her cat (Olivia), and eats raw cookie dough out of the fridge, all things that are quintessential to Old Taylor.

And we are happy that she has refused to disconnect herself from the real Taylor and her innocence. The Ad is as pretty and tough as Taylor is, and we hope that Taylor continues to be the Pop Queen, as she is.

Well, until the release of Taylor’s ‘Reputation’, the fans will be keeping themselves busy listening to her present new hit. Let’s wait and see further what Taylor has stored for her fans.

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