Teen Arrested For Allegedly Pretending To Be A Doctor

A Florida teen has been charged with practicing medicine without a license and theft after he allegedly performed an exam on and the undercover agent and took almost $3,500 (approximately £2,444) from an 86-year-old woman seeking treatment for stomach pain.

Malachi Love-Robinson is also accused of stealing three checks from her that he cashed for almost $2,800 (approximately £1,955).


Authorities in Florida said Love-Robinson had all the trappings of a medical practice – an office, a lab coat, and stethoscope.

What he didn’t have, authorities say, was a medical license. Few 18-year-olds do.

Love-Robinson was released on $21k (approximately £14.6k) bail on Wednesday, one day after his arrest.

Love-Robinson said on Wednesday that his lawyers are working to resolve the charges and that he hopes the community will pray for him.


He told West Palm Beach TV Station WPBF on Tuesday that he is not portraying himself as a Medical Doctor (MD).

The Florida Health Department had sent Love-Robinson a cease-and-desist order.


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