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Teen Helped Her Friend Make A Guy Jealous and the Photos Went Viral

Mikayla Jailyn Simon helped her friend Jada Venson in making her boyfriend jealous. She and Jada have been best of friends since they were young and she can do anything to make her happy. They are basically sisters.

One Saturday night, they decided to have a sleepover. Jada thought that her boyfriend was out with someone else. So she came up with the idea of dressing up Mikayla as a boy, so that it looks like another boy was in the room with her.

Obviously, she didn’t look much of a man from the front.

But from the back she was convincing AF!

She sent this pic to her boyfriend via Snapchat and this was his response!

Xander Viteri, the boyfriend, totally fell for the prank and his first reaction was to stop talking to her and break up but then Jada revealed the truth in the next photo.

She then tweeted both the pics and asked, “Is your best friend really a best friend, if she does not go the extra mile to make your boyfriend jealous!”

There were many hilarious responses as the tweet went viral! Here are some of the best ones.

Xander and Jada are still together. And as it turns out, Jada said that Xander was really out with some guys like he mentioned. He was having a guys night out, just like the girls had their girls night out. Just catching up with old friends and buddies.

Clearly, best friends are really best. Someone who would stay with you through thick and thin, understands everything about you and knows each and every one of your deepest darkest secrets. Best friends are like your craziest companions who would never shy from going the extra mile for you.

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