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Texas – Student given an Award of ‘Most likely to become a Terrorist’

Texas - Student given an Award of 'Most likely to become a Terrorist'

Well, school award functions and ceremonies are meant for encouraging the students to become better, but this middle school in Texas represents a bit different story. The school is in news for organising a “Mock Award Ceremony”, where some really ‘offensive’ awards were given.

Lizeth Villanueva, a 13-year-old student at Anthony Aguirre Junior High in Houston, was shocked when she was named “most likely to become a terrorist” at the ceremony.

The award was included among other “joke” honors. Like “most likely to cry for every little thing” and “most likely to become homeless.” These kind of titles were given out to students.

“It was not a joke, I do not feel comfortable with this” Lizeth said. Lizeth’s mother, Ena Hernandez, was furious. “We’re really upset about it coming from a teacher. That program is supposed to be for advanced kids. It is kind of hard to believe that she’s doing that. A teacher giving this to a 13-year-old. How is she going to feel when she grows up later on?”, Ena told to Houston police.

'Most likely to become a Terrorist' Award

The school has reportedly suspended the teacher responsible for the award function. Also, they have assured that this will not be happening again. But Ena isn’t satisfied with it. “Suspension is not enough,” Ena said.

The award functions, especially for students, are a big thing. They feel honored to go to the stage and receive the titles. But if the teachers will start this kind of unnecessary things and give such discouraging (even if it’s a joke) awards to them, then the children, in no manner, are going to become a better person for their country. It’s time for the school management to revise their behavior and attitude towards their students.

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