The College Days Bakchodi

Back in the college day we all use make use of phrase that simply made no sense but were hilarious to hear. The college punch line somehow creeped into our hearts and made a place for itself. We often find ourselves using it in our daily lives as well. It was the perfect combination on college lingo mixed with our vocabulary.

Today, walk down the memory lane with us. Re-live the college day with those crazy impulsive student talks. We totally can relate to these collage memes…How about you? Were you an ardent user of these slangs? Let us know!

#1. Ever drunk friend

This is a shout out to all those drunk heads! I’m not sure what exactly the vodka does to them, but it does bring out their Ghost Rider from within!  

#2. The Puppy-Dog face

Now this weapons is unleashed only in dire situation. And a shortage in attendance happens to be one of those situations.

#3. After every viva externals

The golden rule: If it’s not under ‘MY Syllabus’…then it’s ‘Out of syllabus’

#4. The one pervert in every group

#5. The stress buster

#6. The friend who thinks he is invincible

#7. After every messed up situation

Also the line we dread hearing…

#8. When you are simultaneously amazed and amused by one annoying friend of yours…

#9. The heights of optimism

And it also happens to be a silent prayer in your hearts

#10. When trolling a friend is your #1 hobby…

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