‘The Defenders’ Review: Episodes Have Major Plot Flaws, Bereft of Excitement, Good Action and Even Humour


There is a good craze of the popular TV show ‘The Defenders’ among people, but the reviews always tell the truth. And talking about truth, it can be bitter as well.

Though the first season of this massive TV show was a great one. There was everything from awesome character dialogues to violent, blood splattered actions. It was going to lead up to an Avengers style Defenders team up. Jessica Jones was an even bigger step up, and despite the disappointments of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, The Defenders seemed like an idea too promising to fail.


But the present season of this show hasn’t been good enough to impress the audience. The reviews about the ‘The Defenders’ are negative. The reviews say,  ‘It is an excruciatingly disappointing show, bereft of excitement, good action and even humour. This is not just a bad TV show, but a boring one. It’s also a stunning demonstration of all round poor execution.’

For a show that is supposed to be a thriller about superheroes, nothing in The Defenders is thrilling or super heroic. This makes the showmakers to have a look on the direction & content of the show.

Watching the terribleness of The Defenders unfold makes you credit the casting directors of the Avengers movies. Because without the chemistry between the actors that movie would have been as crummy as this show. Which brings me to the crummiest aspect of this show – The villain.


Actually the smaller scale should have worked in favor of the show, where the danger isn’t the whole world being destroyed by Thanos. The smaller stakes should have ideally led to focus on the characters and real danger, but the reveal of the super secret society The Hand and their ultimate master plan is shockingly dull.

If there’s one thing that goes in favor of The Defenders is that it’s only eight episodes long, and there’s a fast forward button to use every time. The side characters from ‘The Defenders’ standalone shows appear and talk about mundane stuff. This show undoes everything that makes the show great. Let’s hope Jessica Jones picks up the pieces and makes things interesting again in her sophomore standalone season.

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