The Most Common Excuse People Give That Only Proves They Are Idiots and Nothing More

People are often found using this sentence, “I try, but I’m really busy”. You might be busy to a certain extent on a particular day, but definitely not daily. If you are using this excuse to avoid exercising or going out with friends or giving time to the family then you are a big idiot who is unnecessarily screwing up his/her life.

You might disagree with the above statement, but we will give you some examples that will make you understand what I actually meant.

  • When someone asks you to exercise the very first reaction of yours is ‘I want to but I am really busy.’ Do you know this is a lame excuse as gyms these days have flexible schedules and if you are staying in a big complex it is open 24 hrs a day? Also, exercise doesn’t mean that you can only do it at a gym. You can go for a jog, do yoga at home or do some Zumba etc. The point is you need to make a commitment to yourself to exercise and then there are ample of ways to fulfil it.

  • You are so busy that you don’t get enough sleep…seriously!! Then why were you online at 4 in the morning…Can’t you check your social media while commuting and use night hours to give yourself some good sleep?

  • You don’t have time to mingle with friends over the weekend, but you have all the time in the world to watch Netflix the whole day.

  • Eating takes the same amount of time. Then why are you giving an excuse that you don’t have time when you are gorging on pizzas and burgers. You can order healthy stuff too. It has nothing to do with time.

  • Do you realise that other people have work too and you are not the only one working? Few things have to start at a particular time and if you are running late you can at least show the courtesy of informing.

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