The Truth About What’s Inside Burgers Is Absolutely Revolting

If your idea of happiness involves an extra large burger with double cheese and a side of fries, then you are in for a rude awakening. Just as we had all come to terms with the fact our beef burgers might be laced with horse meat, a new study reports something even more distressing. Something so terrible in fact, that it will make you think twice before biting into your next tasty quarter pounder with cheese. This is a damn shame, because I love those quarter pounders.

A recent study in the US has shown that horse meat is actually the least of our burger-related problems. In fact their research has proven that many burgers have rat and human DNA lurking in them. Take a moment to digest that (yes, pun intended) and the continue over to the next page where we reveal the unfortunate truth about the nation’s favourite food.

Burger incident

Clear Labs carried out a study titled (unsurprisingly) The Hamburger Report. Said report stated that out of a sample of 258 burgers they discovered two cases of meat in vegetarian products. Moreover, three burgers contained rat DNA and there was one reported case of human DNA. With regards to the human DNA the study added: “The most likely cause is hair, skin, or fingernail that was accidentally mixed in during the manufacturing process” though that is by no means a conclusive answer to how human DNA got inside the burger, just a hopeful speculation.

A larger problem was that pathogenic DNA was found in 4.3 per cent of burgers, which can cause outbreaks of food poisoning. The study reported: “We found DNA of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, a pathogen that can cause tuberculosis-like symptoms, in 4 samples.” They also provided some context so readers could understand the severity of this.” Each year, one in six Americans get food poisoning and 3,000 of those cases are fatal.”

Continue over the case for more shocking burger findings.

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